Why you need a Retirement Income Road Map

Retirement is a series of irrevocable decisions, make sure that you have a Retirement Income Road Map from Anthony Capital, LLC to help guide you through the process.

retiremenet Income road map

What exactly is a Retirement Road Map?

  1. a map, especially one designed for retirees, showing the income sources that they will have in retirement.
  2. a plan or strategy intended to achieve a particular goal, for example–making sure that you have enough money to live on in retirement.

A Retirement Road Map is a critical piece of Anthony Capital, LLC’s integrated and comprehensive retirement income planning process. A properly designed retirement income road map should detail exactly the steps that today’s affluent baby boomer retiree needs to take to create inflation adjusted income for life. It should outline:

  1. From were and from which accounts your income will come from in retirement.
  2. Provide for inflation adjusted retirement income
  3. Provide for tax free income
  4. Provide for guaranteed income
  5. Provide for investment income
  6. Provide for alternative income

8 Boxes Matrix--JUDE-PNG

When you combine the “Eight Essential Financial Decisions” that every affluent baby boomer must make to secure a successful retirement, you have a comprehensive, integrated, and rock-solid retirement income plan that can save today’s affluent baby boomer retirees hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees, expenses, taxes, and penalties throughout their retirement lives.

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