How to link up your Interactive Brokers account with Finance Logix financial portal

Action steps to link up Interactive Brokers brokerage account with your personal financial portal at Anthony Capital / Finance logix

Step #1

Log into your personal client portal via and click on the Client Login

steps to synch a

Step #2          Log into your personal portal

steps to synch b

Step #3

Click on LINK ACCOUNTS from the main Profile page

steps to synch c

Step #5

Search for “Interactive Brokers” in the add account search field

steps to synch d

Step #6

Double-Click on the white space to the right of Interactive Brokers, not the link itself to open up the CashEdge data feed….it will take 8-10 seconds to initiate(doing otherwise will take you directly to the interactive brokers site, which you don’t want to do)

steps to synch f

Step #8

Input your Interactive Brokers Token and Query ID

steps to synch g

Which can be found by logging into your Interactive Brokers account at  and clicking on LOG IN and Account Management   (Open up a new browser window)

Ib login

Step #9

Login with your Username and password and authenticate with your security card, ID token, or smart phone verification

IB 2

Step #10

Go to REPORTS—SETTINGS—Third Party Services

IB 3

Step #11

Click ACTIVATE under CashEdge Service Status

IB 4

Step #11

Copy and paste your service credentials, TOKEN and QUERY ID back to the Finance Logix Portal at step 8


Step #12

Click Next and you are linked up!


Step #13

Select your correct account type from the drop down and then click add to plan